The Monokini Revisited

Spurred by my original post, this blog (at least the Live Dirty part) has been continually linked to The Monokini.  The same post that led my brother to ask, “WHY would you EVER do that?” (as in pose in a monokini). And go on to say, “You’re crazy.”

Since then, my readers have been most gracious in submitting pictures of people in monokinis from public pools and beaches across America (not kidding).  Always accompanied with warm wishes like, “This made me think of you.”

Including this photo spread.  Seriously, I’m not even going there…


And this


I have also been bombarded by Facebook ads highlighting monokinis all over the side-bar of my newsfeed. C’mon Facebook…know your target audienceI write monokini backlash.  Duh.

The original post, however, has resulted in an impressive amount of blog traffic, landing folks on my page from the following searches:

  • Monokini looks weird when you bend over (Weird…as in shameful?  Yes, it does.)
  • Sluttiest monokini (Every monokini is slutty.)
  • Monokinis look slutty (Yep, see above.)
  • How to look great in a monokini (It’s not possible. Trust me.)
  • What to wear with a monokini (Try an extra large cover-up for starters.)
  • Pretty women in bathing suits cameltoes (Sicko.)

But none of the pictures quite hit home like the ones a girlfriend sent over the weekend – of a fellow “swimmer” in THE VERY monokini I warned against back in April.  I need to mention that I could find 101 suits in which this woman would look absolutely stunning.  For reals.  It’s not the body, it’s the suit.  Believe me when I say this.  To preserve her identity (and shame), I photo-shopped some stylish sun hats that further complement the look.


Did someone say, “Monokini looks weird when you bend over?” Amen.

So, with summer coming to a close, let’s band together to ensure this trend does not continue into another year.  Our bodies (and eyes) deserve better.

Live Dirty, people.  Live Dirty.  But I repeat…NOT in a monokini.


2 thoughts on “The Monokini Revisited

  1. I didn’t know what a monokini was until I read this blogpost. The male version frightens me. I certainly wouldn’t want my children seeing that on the beach. Or the pool. Or anywhere.


    Its so early in the morning for such a view!

    Anyway! I am so glad you came for the sitsblogging Saturday morning party. Sometimes on the West Coast it seems like it is too early (and sometimes it is!) but I enjoy the heck out of the ladies and look forward to “seeing” more of you!

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