Recipe: White Chicken Chili

If history prevails, the wet, wintry weather will hang around the Portland area until July 5.  On damp, dreary evenings, I crave warm soups.  And red wine.  Warm soups and crusty bread.  And more red wine.  This White Chicken Chili recipe is a favorite at our house and a healthy staple to stave off the winter chills.

White Chicken Chili 4

I’ve written about how I like to make food in large quantities so I have enough to freeze for busy days.  This is another recipe that can be frozen and later heated on your stove top or in your crock pot.  Speaking of crock pots, I could write an entire love story about my crockpots.  All three of them (Mini, Mid, and Maxi).  But I’ll save that for another day… There's more…