Live Dirty

I always wanted boys.  For as long as I could remember.   But never did I anticipate the wrath that comes with raising three of them.  “The Dirties” as I so endearingly call them have destroyed my house:  ruined toilets, wrecked havoc among my furniture and walls.  Even caused me to pee myself.  And as a result, I drink so much that I now try on monokinis for fun.  But I can’t imagine loving anyone more.  Eat Clean.  Live Dirty, my friends.

Live Dirty2

One thought on “Live Dirty

  1. Leigh,
    I only recently heard from Carter that your father had passed. How sad. He was my friend once. He was kind to me before he knew me, and it is a strong man who can take another on faith. Reading your blog it brought tears to my eyes to know the grief your mother endures. I knew her as a compassionate and honest woman. She does not deserve to suffer long, but with a heart so large the pain of her loss must be also be gigantic. So, please accept my condolences on the loss of your father.
    As to you. Congratulations on your writing. I enjoyed your blog and meeting your family. And I look forward to future pages.
    Brian Henning
    1927 N. Fowler St.
    Hobbs, NM 88240
    575.369.6702 cell/text

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