I Wish Someone Told Me

I wish someone had told me1I wish someone told me motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  And stressed the overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes in raising a child.  To raise him to be safe and kind and sympathetic and confident.  All of those things you want your child to be to make this world a little easier to maneuver.

I wish someone told me that the love a mother has for her child is incredibly fierce and when he hurts, I hurt.  That I’ll want to fight all of his battles for him.  But I’m doing him justice if I let him fight on his own.

I wish someone told me having a child is so. very. painful. That I’d be sent home with a 6-week supply of maxi pads larger than my head and one-size-fits-all mesh underpants that spanned my entire torso.  And the first time I tried to relax in the tub, my vagina would be so swollen I would think it had turned itself inside out.

I wish someone told me it would take at least nine months after childbirth to feel like myself again.  To belly laugh without it being forced or a front.

I wish someone told me there’s no right answer when parenting.  We all simply do the best we can with the best intentions for our children.  We all mess up.  And then there are shining moments when we get it absolutely right.

I wish someone told me my kids would fight and smell like wild animals.  And often make noises like them too.  And that the fighting would bother me WAY more than it bothers them.parenthood3

I wish someone told me my kids would provide the best. comic. relief. ever.  That they would be the funniest people I know.  Funnier than Jim Gaffigan.  Even funnier than Mama Kat.

I wish someone told me that it’s pure joy to be needed and loved the way children need and love their moms.  Even in the middle of the night.  When they have a hangnail.

I wish someone told me it’s okay to send my kids to school in house slippers, shorts in the winter, and mismatched socks.  And if their hair gets brushed in the mornings, it’s a bonus.

I wish someone told me I would come to love potty humor, burp contests, and know all of the verses to the “Beans, Beans The Magical Fruit.”

I wish someone told me there would constantly be crusted food stuck to the floor, pee on the toilet seat, crayon on the walls, and sand in the bathtub.  And sometimes I wouldn’t have any idea who or where it came from.  But life goes on.

I wish someone told me you could still be hot and drive a minivan. Because I would have been a lot less judgmental in my younger years.  And those women would have been my heroes instead of zeros.

I wish someone told me there would be days I don’t like my children.  Just like there are days I don’t like my husband (sorry, honey).  And it has absolutely no effect on my unconditional love for them.  Bad days just happen.  And make the good days that much better.

parenthood4I wish someone told me my children’s temper tantrums and sass don’t define me as a mom.  Because kids have bad days too.

I wish someone told me how much I would come to appreciate my own mother and grandmothers through parenting.

I wish someone told me that no matter how badly I feel I may be screwing up my kids, chances are, they’re going to turn out just fine.

I wish someone told me “I Told You So” can sometimes be a blessing if you take time to sift through the emotion and listen to the message.

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13 thoughts on “I Wish Someone Told Me

  1. This was beautiful! I couldn’t agree more – except maybe for the mini-van part:), but I just think that’s my insecurity!

    I have three sons, as well (and twins) – and a feisty daughter who sometimes acts like a boy.

    • Thank you! I still have insecurities about the minivan but it is the most convenient means of transportation for getting everyone where they need to go. Having said that, we still drive my husband’s car on date night. Fun linking up with you!

  2. Those are great! And agree on many of them esp the don’t like “them” very much, lol. It’s life!
    Thanks for sharing
    Cinella @ TMB

    visiting from mamakats blog

  3. I wish someone told me 20-some years ago what an incredibly strong and admirable woman and mom you’d become, but knowing the example you grew up with, I wouldn’t have been surprized.

    • Your comment brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. Truly. I was so blessed to be raised in such a loving home with an AWESOME church community/youth group. The CRY experiences still go down as some of the best of my life. I hope my boys can experience that type of fellowship when they’re teens – fellowship that nurtures them and grows their faith. Totally awesome.

    • Thank you! I checked out your blog. I LOVE it! Are you familiar with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)? The organization has been my saving grace. They accept article submissions for their print publication and online blog. I think you would be a great contributor. http://www.mops.org/writers-guidelines http://www.mops.org/blog

      I am only affiliated with my local chapter, but they are always looking for good article submissions. I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. Kids are the best, but it’s true we’re never fully prepared for how taxing it can be to raise them…and how even a “break” is never really a break because they are ALWAYS on our minds. Yep. Exhausting!

  5. Hi! Visiting from Mama Kat’s Blog! Great read, you made me tear up because I also wrote about how I wish someone told me “just” how difficult motherhood would be. It’s nice to hear others admit that it’s by far the toughest job we will ever have in life. 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by! I checked out your website. I LOVE the letters to your children. What a wonderful way to savor each and every stage of their lives.

      • Thank you!!! Appreciate the visit, I hope they treasure my letters some day, It’s not easy to admit your faults to your children as your raising them but I think it’s important for them to know that mommy is not perfect 😉

  6. Every word I read I felt connected to you more and more. I remember those moments where I felt everything you wrote, I remember those moments of just being a Mother.

    This was such a beautiful post. Thank you for writing it because I really wish someone would have told me these things as well. xxo

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