A Jump Start

Jump StartJump Start:  1. To start (an engine or vehicle) by temporary connection to an external power source (as another’s vehicle).  2. a) to start or restart rapidly or forcefully; b) to impart fresh or renewed energy to.

Facebook Post, September 17, 2010: “I am having a ‘shaved one arm pit in the shower but forgot to shave the other’ kind of day.'”

It was just another Manic Monday.  The alarm went off and I chose to stay in bed 15 more minutes.  When I came downstairs, dirty dishes and mountains of laundry were calling my name.  Ben was already on the counter top, hovered over the coffee pot waiting to help.  Abe was requesting that I make (my healthier version of) Nutella.  Gus was yelling he had to poop and did NOT want me to put his waffle in the toaster.  Yawn.  Coffee.  Start.

To buy myself an extra 15 minutes, I decided to drive Abe to school.  One lunch and three snacks packed.  Everyone in waterproof jackets (it is Oregon, after all).  Tennis shoes on the correct feet.  Only one kid whining.  Go!  When into the car, I noticed the overhead lights were barely on.  I placed the key in the ignition and slowly turned it to start.  Click.  Dead silence.

Our neighbor, who was outside smoking his fifth morning cigarette, graciously agreed to help.  He flicked the butt on the ground and pulled his car in the garage in attempt to jump start my car.  I should mention that I know how to jump start a car.   I’ve had to do so at least five times in the past year, thanks to the boys leaving lights on/doors open.  But he took charge, not paying particularly close attention to the order in which he was connecting the red and black cables.  At one point, smoke was pouring from my battery.  The car was still dead.  I thanked him and said I would call AAA.  Forty minutes and $120 later (new battery required), we were on our merry way.  I’ve had worse starts to the day.  I’ve had better starts too.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need a jump start of my own.  I LOVE staying home with the boys, but I miss having a creative outlet.  There are two things in life I feel I do well: write and accessorize.  So in that vain, I have decided to launch my own blog.  Not that the world needs another Mommy Blah Blah Blog.  But I have funny stories that will hopefully strike a relating chord – or even make you pee your pants if you experience post-childbirth incontinence like me.  I also have some healthy, family-friendly recipes you might like.  And the best part about writing a blog is I don’t have to sell it door-to-door like I did Neighborhood News that I developed/wrote/edited/copied in the fifth grade.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Cheers to a clean start in the midst of my dirty life.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

22 thoughts on “A Jump Start

  1. Excited for your new venture Leigh Leigh! Of course I always love reading your stories on Facebook and hearing about them in person – quite the ‘never a dull moment’ life you lead!!

  2. Here Here! Your posts always make me laugh – and usually I can relate…at least in some (having girls) way. So glad you found your outlet my creative friend! Can’t wait to read more 😉

    • Yes, I have a blog and Abe has the Rainbow Loom. We can create together. Love and miss you, friend! Thanks for always cheering me on!

  3. I can’t wait to read more! Reading a post written by LBH is the best therapy. You will definitely have a lot of followers.

  4. I LOVE this! Your fb posts already crack me up so I’m looking forward to the extended blog version of them! Dinner again soon?!!

    • THANK YOU! Dinner would be great. I love seeing all your success stories through TSFL. You’re changing lives. That’s awesome!

  5. I am so happy that you are using your gift as a writer to write about such great people….your family. I am looking forward to reading your blog. I love your stories!!

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