Girls’ Weekend Countdown

Girls WeekendThe countdown to Girls’ Weekend 2014 has officially begun!  It’s an annual pilgrimage to a land of plenty, only to be rivaled by the great wildebeest herds of Africa.  In less than 48 hours, I will be aboard a plane to Phoenix.  Is it selfish that I’m choosing to spend Mother’s Day Weekend away from my children?  For sure.  But it is good for the mind and good for the soul.  (And truth be told, it was the only weekend that coordinated with everyone’s schedules).  I look forward to returning with fully charged batteries, a sun-kissed nose, and memories to keep me afloat until the next weekend away.  What a great Mother’s Day gift after all…beats a pendant from the Open Heart Collection.

Dave and I have made weekends away a priority in our relationship.  We both see the value in time with our friends and away from one another.  You know, absence makes the heart grow fonder kind of thing.  But also, in living so far away from family, it’s simply easier and cheaper if one of us stays home to hold down the Dirty fort.  And this weekend happens to be his turn.

Why am I SO looking forward to Girls’ Weekend?  There are lots of reasons, but I’ll limit the list to my top ten:

  1. Stimulating conversations that revolve around the following topics:  anti-aging creams, food legislation, Goodreads, and the best apparel finds at Target.
  2. I can go to bed at midnight without worrying about anyone jumping on top of me at 6am.
  3. Hormonal swings are encouraged.  And never questioned.
  4. So are cocktails.  Early and often.
  5. There is a mutual respect and appreciation for Vanilla Ice, Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Oliver, and Zooey Deschanel.
  6. I don’t have to worry about laundry, cooking, or sitting in pee for three full days.  It’s spa and room service dead ahead.
  7. If someone yells, “MOMMY!,” it’s not my problem.  Who am I kidding?  I won’t even hear them.  I’ll be wearing my Mommy Earmuffs.
  8. I finally have an excuse to rock the monokini.  Joking!  I would never wear that thing in public.  And broadcasting pictures on the Internet doesn’t count.
  9. Dancing like a maniacal Elaine from Seinfeld is completely acceptable.  Because I can remain anonymous (unlike at my son’s school auction).  But that’s another blog post.
  10. The only butt I have to wipe is my own.  Alone.  In a bathroom.  With the door closed.  If that’s not a little piece of heaven, I don’t know what is.

The importance of Mother’s Day is not completely lost on me.  I’ll be back in Portland mid-day on Sunday to celebrate with my Dirties.  So go ahead, find a reason to escape your kids (even if it’s a short staycation) this Mother’s Day Weekend.  If not for the sole purpose of peeing in peace, then for celebrating how great things can be inside and outside your own living room.

And cheers to all the spouses that make the pilgrimages possible!

5 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend Countdown

  1. You just validated my girls weekend over Mother’s Day! I knew I liked you. I’ll virtually toast you from the pool in Vegas as I peacefully catch up on books and magazines. Enjoy.

  2. I’m not sure if I was “recharged” as I am still recovering, but I’m definitely happy! Have a fantastic time. I just submitted a post to another site about 10 signs you know you are a mom on a girls weekend. Like Law & Order, it was ripped from the headlines, but any similarities are only coincidental…:)

    • Thanks, Allie! Just one more thing to do in all of your “spare” time. Truly enjoyed your post this morning. Have a great weekend.

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