Whole30 Wrap Up (Finally)

I understand I have faithful followers who are quite tired of my posts about Whole30. To you, I apologize. Truly. Please stick with me and I promise to be funny again very soon.

But for those of you who have continued to follow my journey (or started your own), thank you for your encouragement, support, and sharing your stories with me.

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Whole30 Recipe: Fiesta Egg Casserole

I have eaten eggs every day of Whole30 So many eggs.  I understand the program encourages people to consider each meal as a meal versus breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I still prefer eggs in the morning and chicken in the evenings.

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Ready, Set, Launch: Whole30

whole30It feels strange – and liberating – to be writing again.  A dear friend I met in the blogging community (The Latchkey Mom) gave me some much-needed and well-timed advice: “Take your time and do what you need to heal. Your readers will still be here, I promise.”  So I have taken my sweet time in getting back to my favorite pastime.

Where do I begin?  In short, losing my dad has been difficult.  But watching my mom grieve has been heart-wrenching.  It’s worse than I ever imagined.  At the same time, I know we will get through this.  We have wonderful friends and a deep-rooted faith on our side.  Though I have to admit, my favorite quote from my mom in recent days has been:  “His death wasn’t a blessing.  EVERYTHING. DOES NOT. HAVE TO BE A BLESSING!”  Amen.  The best sermon I’ve heard all year. There's more…