Athletic Leaks (or peeing myself during workouts)

Live DirtyI bought these super cute Nike workout pants two years ago.  I wore them to a bootcamp class one time.  The kind of 60-minute hell that combines high impact cardio exercises and weight lifting.  At some point during jumping rope or jumping jacks – possibly both, I peed myself.  To the point that my entire crotch area was torrentially soaked.  And since these are GRAY pants, there was no hiding it.  I spent the next YEAR wearing Columbia Sportswear Run Some More Skort Leggings whenever I did plyometrics – or any activity that made my boobies jiggle in my sports bra. Because that also meant tinkle would trickle down my leg.

Live Dirty.  And sometimes wet.

You can imagine my happy surprise when I stumbled upon JustGoGirl.  A pad that promises to “be light and invisible, with the needs of active women in mind.”  Or for whoever, whatever needs to be dammed up or absorbed.  The website features a photo of side-by-side backsides pimped in spandex – with no obvious pad lines.  SOLD!  Not to mention the site is damn funny.  Check out this video. And they’ve coined the phrase Athletic Leaks, which sounds SO much better than incontinence.


The company is newly launched (January) and is currently offering two free pads with no shipping costs.  I ordered mine yesterday and will report back once I’ve given them the ole college [mmm…middle-aged, mother of three] try.  Can’t stop wondering if they’re compostable.

Now, if I could just properly time my sneezing fits…

I should mention that despite my overwhelmingly large readership (wink, wink), I am not a paid sponsor of JustGoGirl nor am I endorsing the pads (yet).  But if they work, I might Vlog a love song to the company.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Athletic Leaks (or peeing myself during workouts)

  1. You slay me, Leigh! I totally know the feeling… Three children later! Can’t wait to hear if they work. Still giggling to myself… 🙂

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