A Friday Tail

If you are raising boys, you know that erections start at a very early age. Like birth. I was admittedly caught off-guard (and SHOCKED) the first time it happened. But not any more. It’s old hat around these parts.

It's a popsicle.  But it still makes me laugh.

It’s a popsicle.

My oldest used to struggle with it. Especially during car rides in which he would start screaming and shout: “My penis is sticking up!” I would attempt to calm him down and ensure him all was okay – the situation was only temporary after all.

My husband dealt with this a bit differently. Any time Abe would start panicking over his penis, Dave would simply say: “Good! That means it’s working.

So that has become our mantra for mini erections. It’s all good. It’s just working.

And then this conversation happened yesterday in the car with my 4-year-old:
Gus: My penis sure is busy.
Me: Huh?
Gus: My penis. It’s working. It’s busy.
Me: Oh. It’s sticking up?
Gus: Yes. Why does my penis have to do chores?
Me: <crickets>

Happy Friday! Cheers to all those busy, working penises…and little boys who make us belly laugh.

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